Displaced Yezidi Community

05/03/2020 Dohuk, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Starting in autumm 2014, approximately one million people have sought refuge from the atrocities of ISIS in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), many of them Yezidi Kurds from the Shingal Mountains. From 2016 to 2019 I have traveled to the region extensively to document German and European aid projects for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and Syrian refugees in the region.

Multimedia-Work for GIZ and QUDRA-Programme

I created a vast body of work in these three years, so I start with this set of selected pictures revolving around the difficult life of Yesidi IDPs in the camps around Dohuk. The work was carried out for GIZ and the EU-QUDRA Programme and consisted of general communications consultancy, video and photography.

The work in the camps was partly strenuous due to dust and heat, but nothing compared to the hardships of the displaced community living there. The atmosphere was frequently peaceful and welcoming, and most Yezidi people I interviewed highly appreciated that their stories were heard and brought to the knowledge of a broader audience.

Discussing digital video Filming inside an IDP camp around Dohuk.

The main subjects of documentary work within the camp were a variety of Cash for Work activities such as roadbuilding, and social- and education activities.

kurdistan 1521 2

A young woman participating in a Cash for work related Health-advisor training.

kri cash for work 300dpi 0280 Interview work inside a shelter