Fabian Brandt – About Me

Photography as a means of exploration

What is the secret to making a great photograph? Photographer Arthur “Weegie” Fellig supposedly once said as answer: “f8 and be there”.

It took many years for me to understand the deep truth in this sentence. Being out there where it happens, and being fully present as it happens. I’ve combined these insights with a storytelling service that ranges from photography and videography to wholistic documentary content production, including editorial services. It all revolves around a common theme:

Get out of the bubble. Feel the atmosphere. Make the picture. Tell the story.

Academic and Professional Background

I got my academic training as a biologist at the Universities of Göttingen and Miami. Later I have been working in PR and Marketing since 1999 - first as a communications consultant and later as a managing director for fischerAppelt, one of the leading PR- and advertising agencies in Germany. In 2013 I started my own visual storytelling business, the newly founded Themenbüro, in close cooperation with Frankfurt based creative advertising agency Vier für Texas, where I’m a managing director.

Photography, Video and Writing

My photographic work is primarily of documentary nature, while I believe that aesthetics and composition are just as important in narrative work as they are in fine art. Written, editorial formats and Video are other important ways for me to report more complex stories.

Documenting Mosul in 2019

Development Topics and Crisis Regions

I am interested in a broad range of topics, often revolving around crisis- and development issues in the Middle East and Africa, but I also cover social and environmental themes around the world. As a biologist, my second great interest is nature and wildlife.

With Yezidi Kids in a Kurdish IDP Camp

Activities for sustainable development

Peace, social justice and environmental protection are cornerstone topics of my personal compass. In my sparetime I have been active in the coordination team of Think Tank 30, later as a board member of the German Association of the Club of Rome and as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Goethe Institute. I have recently helped to publish the German Climate Action Plan of GermanZero as a Chief Editor.

Consulting Services

As a consultant and workshop facilitator with 20 years of experience, I work for a wide range of agencies, government institutions and private sector companies when it comes to

  • Communications concepts
  • Multimedia Storytelling
  • Workshop Facilitation

Business Inquiries

Please direct your written business Inquiries at

E-Mail: info@fabian-brandt.com