Abahàui – The Father of Fire

21/07/2013 Tigray, Ethiopia

The story of Abraha Atsbeha

Sustainable Agriculture in Tigray: Ethiopia’s green miracle

Tigray, the northernmost state of Ethiopia, suffers from drought and severe land degradation. In recent years, sustainable land management (SLM) has been re-greening the area, helping to improve food security in the region vastly.

One initiator of the change is Ato Gebremichael Gidey Berhe, also known as „Abaháui“ – „the father of fire“. The chief of the village of Abraha Atsbeha has become a well known man in Ethiopia. His nickname stems from the burning passion with which he pursues his innovative ideas – and because he is known to pass on his enthusiasm like a wildfire. Ato Gebremichael has done what many believed impossible: To save his village from resettlement, thus creating a stimulus for the ecological rehabilitation of large land areas.

Tigray60x40 12 Fabian Brandt

Multimedia Storytelling including Film, Photography and Editorial Publishing

In 2013, I produced a multimedia project about the topic in close cooperation with GIZ, the German Development Cooperation Agency. It includes a short film which has now (2019) been viewed over 30 k times.

It was also featured on one of the leading German News Magazines, Spiegel Online.

Below I have uploaded a small selection of the pictures from this exciting and inspiring reportage project.